Psychologist and Psychosomatic, Emotional Release Therapist


Here to inspire re-connection to mind-body intelligence through deep internal listening, and access to the wellspring of wisdom that resides within. 



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     I am a Psychosomatic and Emotional Release therapist, and Psychologist. I am also a current Doctor of Philosophy PhD candidate, and I teach psychology units at a university level in Melbourne. 


     Blending a powerful body of wisdom teachings in my offerings as I am passionate about the provision of best-practice psychological and somatic treatment in the community. 


     I wish to inspire people to explore the subtleties of their body and to help them re-connect deeply to their innate wisdom and body intelligence. 

     My publication titled: "Correlates of weight stigma in adults with overweight and obesity: A systematic literature review" has inspired my current research work in the area of weight-stigma within the Body Image, Eating and Weight Clinical Research Team (BEWT).


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"Steph quickly attuned to me and transmits a warmth through her touch...I felt completely safe and supported, for which I’m immensely grateful as it was a deep-dive experience into some of my core wounds."



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