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Psychologist and Psychosomatic, Emotional Release Therapist


"The quieter you become, the more you can hear"

Anatomy Drawing

Here to inspire re-connection to mind-body intelligence through deep internal listening, and access to the wellspring of wisdom that resides within. 


Image by Erol Ahmed

Mind-Body-Spirit awareness of mental-physical-emotional experiences manifesting in the physical body. Trauma processing through the systems of the body (e.g., nervous system, digestive system).


Nervous system tension re-set, processing of trauma wounds, emotional release trigger point therapy through deep massage.


Psychosomatic awareness and understanding of the way in which past and present experiences have imprinted on the intellectual mind and the physical body, in order to help restore mind-body-spirit balance.

Black and White Flower

Translates in Greek to "study of the heart". This treatment is offered through blended psychological and somatic practices to work through emotional, mental, and physical blocks.



Stephanie Papadopoulos



 Painting by SPAPS~

"I wish to inspire people to explore the subtleties of their body and to help them re-connect deeply to their innate wisdom and body intelligence."

A psychosomatic and emotional release therapist, and clinical psychology registrar. I also recently completed my doctor of philosophy (PhD) psychology degree. 

What to expect...


Blending a powerful body of wisdom teachings in my offerings as I am passionate about the provision of best-practice psychological and somatic treatment in the community. My services can be offered via blended talk and somatic practice, or massage that accesses the emotional release trigger points in the body which are often linked to trauma or adverse experiences. 


My research is focused on exploring the stigma associated with weight, of any weight, that people experience which may be contributing to poor health and well-being; this is conducted within the Body Image, Eating and Weight Clinical Research Team (BEWT).


Image by Masaaki Komori

Growth Stories

"Steph quickly attuned to me and transmits a warmth through her touch...I felt completely safe and supported, for which I’m immensely grateful as it was a deep-dive experience into some of my core wounds."



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