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Emotional Release Body Work Therapy


     Moving slowly is hard for hue-mans, but there is a growing desire for slowness in our society. Slow movement, slow living, slow conversations, slow holidays, slow fashion, slow meals, slow education, slow. 

     This preference is bringing awareness to how we consume in excess, and act in ways that are rushed, empty, and lacking depth and richness. It gives permission for slow growth, slow creation, and slow relating. 

     I cultivate this 'slow' practice through gentle & deep massage that connects you to your subtle body. This is an experiential and deeply felt practice that takes you on a treasure hunt into the subtle depths of your own internal world.


     It is powerful. This practice assists with the release of past redundant and restrictive patterns held in the tissue of the metaphysical body. The emotional trigger points in the body are accessed, with permission, to assist with freeing emotional blocks that may be restricting physical and emotional movement, flexibility, and flow.


What is no longer serving an individual is replaced by:

  • balancing the energy centres of the body, especially where energy may be stagnant 

  • correcting body posture

  • improving body condition and physical shape

  • working toward the desired psychological attitudes

  • improved physical-mental-emotional functioning

  • deep mind-body-spirit connection

After the session: 

Suggestions are made regarding ways of dealing with the imbalances to restore better mind-body harmony.


This is to continue to release emotional blocks held in the metaphysical body, and to balance the energy centres of the body that energy flows through.

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