Body Mind Analysis

Your body tells your story!

 Painting by SPAPS~

Body Mind Analysis is the Story of You.


Body Mind Analysis is a visual and felt assessment of the physical body that is documented verbally and in the form of a written report (if desired). The mind-body-spirit communicates through metaphor to express each of its parts:

Body –How is your outer sheath (soma body) responding to your internal and external self? Do you listen to what each part of your body is telling you? Learn to come into full presence with yourself.

Face – The body is in the face. How do you face the world and project your profile? Come face-to-face with yourself.

Hands – We hold the world in the palms of our hands. Have you got a handle on life? Learn to touch yourself and others with love, gentleness, and compassion.

Feet – How are you walking your way through life? Do you walk your talk? Learn to connect the souls of your feet with the soles of your soul.

"the Issues are in the Tissues"

     Each person has a unique story which is expressed in their physical structure (body, face, hands, feet). Most often people experience a range of physical and emotional difficulties that are ignored or not fully addressed, and as a result experience some form of dis-ease in the body.

     This dis-ease can be identified through the physical body (e.g., through one’s body tissue quality/quantity, somatic symptoms, emotional state).

     This treatment provides an understanding of the “issues in the tissues” by cellular memory and imbalances in one's core energies of their body-mind.

     Body Mind Analysis is a step-by-step study of all aspects of the mind-body including, but not limited to: 

  • Body posture and shape

  • Mechanical structure of the body

  • Body function and movement

  • Body language

  • Body actions and reactions

  • Body tension and blockages

  • Muscle and tissue condition

  • Flexibility

  • Breathing patterns

  • Holding patterns (e.g., fear, judgment)

  • Balance of male-female energy

  • Skin condition and muscle tone

  • Energy flow of the main energy centres (chakras)

  • Temperature

  • Physical and somatic conditions

  • Belief system

  • Behavioural tendencies and patterns of functioning

  • Verbal language

  • Perception

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