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My Journey

psychosomatic, emotional release therapist, and clinical psychologist.

Awarded Doctor of Philosophy PhD degree in 2022.




PhD; MPsych(Clinical)
Registration#: PSY0002035262

Psychosomatic Therapy; 10484NAT Certificate III (member of INTAPT)

Currently undertaking
Practitioner Certification in Acutonics® Integrative Sound Medicine

Previous work
Academic psychology teacher at Australian Catholic University for six years

Esoteric Psychology education and meditation training

Cultural awareness training through the lens of trauma informed practice, and intergenerational trauma

Emotional release bodywork training

Area: Weight Stigma
Team: Body Image, Eating and Weight Research Team (BEWT) 

My clinical offerings are grounded in a combination of different practices and learnings such as clinical psychology, psychosomatic therapy, trigger point and emotional massage therapy, and Acutonics® Integrative Sound Medicine. 

It has been a journey...

I have clinical psychology experience working in different settings and with different population groups. Worked with youth & adults at Headspace, the Melbourne Psychology clinic at ACU, and young and older adults at Epworth Rehabilitation Hospital. 

My research explores the stigma associated with weight. If you are a believer in scientific inquiry, and reducing weight-stigma and its effects, you can find two of my published papers on this important topic in the 'My Research' tab, where you can also find information on other fascinating work being conducted: Body Image, Eating and Weight Clinical Research Team (BEWT).

I am also a student of life.

Over the past twelve years I have dedicated myself to studying the psyche (mind) and the body (soma) through a powerful body of wisdom teachings and bodywork training, the felt sense, and internal guidance practices. This has strengthened my practice, assisting clients to open up the exploration to each aspect of the self as bio-psycho-social-spiritual beings.

Life’s teachings are expressed in many forms e.g., through the language, e-motion, cognition, perception, somatic experiences, and belief systems, of the self. In each of these, there is wisdom and gold to be realised, and connection to a deeper pulse within oneself if we wish to explore them.


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