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"Words from the Heart"

     'Psychology' is translated from its Greek origins to "words from the heart"


Psixi = heart, love, feelings

Logos = speak, words

     Psychology practice naturally investigates the spoken words from the heart-space, not just the mind (as is often assumed). 

     If we allow our heart to speak, and unscramble the words of the heart, we can begin to decode, solve and restore our mind-body-spirit into a more coherent and purposeful state. True listening comes from listening inwards and opening oneself up to the bodies internal wisdom, which holds the answers for true change and understanding in our lives.

My offerings


 Clinical Psychology Registrar, Psychosomatic and Emotional Release therapist, current PhD candidate

          Much of my experience and interest has been in working with somatic and physical bodily symptoms such as pain and anxiety, as well as pain disorders such as fibromyalgia, mood disorders, such as depression, and deep psychological and body trauma.

     My personal therapy style is grounded in mind-body intelligence, which focuses on understanding how underlying emotions, trauma, and nervous system stress or tension that has not been addressed may be manifesting as symptoms in the physical body

My approach to therapy is very collaborative and interactive, and when your in a session with me, we will engage in creativity, breathing exercises, moving or sensing your body to find room for relief in your mind-body (don’t worry it is really simple and easy to do).

     Previous experience has been gained working in both the community setting, including Headspace, Berry Street, and Merri Community Health, and the private hospital and outpatient rehabilitation settings. This experience has created exposure to working with individuals across the age spectrum, with different mental and physical health issues. I deliver psychology treatment through a Psychosomatic Therapy lens, with a focus on Body Sensing Practice.


To book an appointment, please contact me directly.


AHPRA RegNo: PSY0002035262


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