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Growth Stories

Stephanie is sensitive and thoughtful in her practice. She has a beautiful way of connecting with you in the room as well as on the page in her assessment and writing. Stephanie’s insights come from a place of empathy and her willingness to understand the person holistically. I felt seen, and her mind-body analysis gave me a deeper understanding of myself and my needs. Most importantly, it has allowed me to begin from a point of compassion towards my mind and body and experiences that have shaped them. ~ V.C

In each of my sessions with Steph we've been able to uncover something new about myself - at times something I have tried to hide or deny that was begging to be released and other times something empowering and reassuring that I needed to hear. As someone who was unfamiliar with Psychosomatics, Steph has done a wonderful job introducing me and welcoming me to the therapy and for that I am very grateful ~ C.C

Steph is a gifted practitioner, who quickly attuned to me and transmits a warmth through her touch. I was very nervous prior to receiving bodywork but her friendly and non-judgmental nature immediately put me at ease. I felt completely safe and supported, for which I’m immensely grateful as it was a deep-dive experience into some of my core wounds. I could feel how compassionate and gentle Steph is as a person and being in the presence of those qualities, while I was in my vulnerability, was deeply healing for me. Thank you Steph :) ~ R.F


Ahh Steph!! I wasn’t sure what to expect from her work but I was blown away by what I experienced. There’s such magic in how she connected with me energetically and allowed anything to happen for me while holding the space with such grace and care. There were layers and layers of ‘stuff’ accumulated around me, Steph guided me through such a profound encounter with all those layers and helped me to access who I am below them. Something I’ve been sitting with and sifting through and remembering every day since! The work we did gave me a deeper understanding of how emotions and experiences are captured in our bodies and where I had gotten stuck. Knowing this essentially has given me the ability to heal wounds and know my self so much more. Steph helped awaken an awe and love for my self, which I knew existed somewhere, but just hadn’t quite accessed yet. I walked away with an image of the energy flowing through me and how to begin to let that flow freely. I loved it, deeply deeply grateful for the woman that she is and all that she does! ~ M.H

Working with Steph has been such a great experience. She creates an amazing, welcoming and safe space for our sessions. I started having sessions online with Steph due to Covid, and her excellent practice has always delivered the same quality sessions as if we were in the same room. Her combined knowledge around psychosomatic therapy and other techniques is a real credit to her work. Learning how your body tells a story is unreal. Steph has an amazing ability to tune into my needs and work with me deeply. Most of all, Steph is a warm, genuine, authentic person whom I would recommend highly to anyone drawn to this therapy. It has helped me immensely. ~S.C.S

Steph’s practice was a very special treatment that came at the perfect time. She spent her service exposing vulnerable parts of my energetic soul, developed me through my healing, and caught and nurtured my brokenness during my personal experience to wellness. A very sacred time working through deep healing. She’s incredible and it was honestly life changing. Thinking back to the treatment just proves how far she encourages your growth, as with my own journey through her support. I wish for nothing less than to recommend her to anyone who has ever been through a traumatic event, to get in touch and allow her to work her magic. She’s professionally nurturing and very easy to warm up to. You’ll see this, and I thank her immeasurably. ~D.J

It was very insightful reading Stephanie's observations in her report. So very spot on with my personality and emotional events through my life, that shape my personality.
It was a wonderful experience participating in the Psychosomatic/Mind Body Analysis and I am delighted to express the gentle and competent way she performed the analysis. It was an absolute pleasure working with her. I can only give my warmest recommendations for Stephanie. ~H.K

Image by Jordan Cormack
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