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What is
Psychosomatic Therapy?

     Psychosomatic therapy looks at the relationship between the psyche (mind) and soma (the cell body). The mind and cell body are in constant communication in every moment of life.

     This treatment is delivered through an intuitive heart, and is grounded in science and evidence-based research. It marries together Eastern and Western approaches to treatment, placing high regard on the body’s own natural healing systems and intelligence.


The relationship between the mind and the body

What is Psychosomatic Therapy?
         Psychosomatic Therapy seeks to bring awareness to underlying issues presenting in one’s mind-body, especially those areas of the mind-body where stress, tension and psychosomatic discomfort can be eliminated before they become, or perpetuate, dis-ease. This enables a person to recognise what the subconscious mind-body is communicating.

     Notably, when discomfort or tension is being experienced in the body, this is a part of the intelligence of the mind-body following its natural processes because the attention has not been given to the tension, and the release of the dis-ease has not been completed. For example, research demonstrates that ongoing stress can present as headaches, and jaw tension may indicate issues related to the pelvis and sacrum. With insight into the affected area, a person is able to understand what is happening subconsciously in the mind-body and identify opportunities to release the associated blocks.

Why Psychosomatic Therapy? 

     Psychosomatic Therapy is typically accessed to explore and understand metaphysical causes to injuries, illnesses, dis-ease, mental and physical conditions & somatic and trauma related issues. Through a comprehensive assessment of the mind-body, attention is bought to the issues in the tissues, the specific areas of the body that are presenting with underlying issues of stress, tension, dis-ease, and psychosomatic discomfort.


How is Psychosomatic Therapy delivered?     

     Treatment can be offered in various ways, and all can be offered separately or in combination by choice of client:

  • Therapy from a Psychology and Psychosomatic framework

  • Hands on trigger point emotional release body work, see 'Emotional Release Bodywork' tab.

  • Body Mind Analysis (includes body, face, hand, foot analysis). See 'Body Mind Analysis' tab.

  • Nervous system re-set massage by preference of client

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