My services can be offered in person or from a distance (via Zoom). I am currently taking clients for all of my offerings, except that I am offering hands-on Emotional Release Bodywork in due course. 

My current place of practice can be found here.

The practices listed below can be offered individually or in combination.

Image by Erol Ahmed

Psychosomatic Therapy looks at the relationship between the psyche (mind) and soma (the cell body). It is an interdisciplinary field exploring the relationships among bio-psycho-social-spiritual factors on bodily processes and quality of life.


Body Mind Analysis is the Story of You!

It is a visual and felt assessment of the physical body that is documented verbally and in the form of a written report (if desired).


“The issues are in the tissues”

This is an experiential, hands on body work practice that assists with the release of past redundant and restrictive patterns held in the cells and tissue of the physical body.

Private practice in Psychology based in Melbourne, from a psychosomatic framework.

If you have a treatment enquiry regarding any of the above offerings, please contact me here